Financial Aid

Diocese of Arlington Tuition Assistance Program

Application Process & Requirements

a. All school families participating in the program must submit the same application form (available in English and Spanish) along with a processing fee payable to the private vendor. 

b. To become eligible for receiving funds from this program, students must satisfy all of the criteria described below:

  • A baptized Catholic or convert officially received into the Church
  • Family resides within the boundaries of the Diocese of Arlington
  • Family is registered and an active member of the parish
  • Student attends or is accepted by a Catholic school in the Diocese of Arlington

c. The deadline for submitting applications to the contracted vendor is determined annually. Applications received after the stated due date will be considered for tuition assistance if funds are still available.

d. Although students from families residing on local military bases are not domiciled in a Diocesan parish, those students are eligible for the Diocese of Arlington Tuition Assistance Program. 

e. The funds from the Program will be paid directly to the school that the qualifying student attends. Schools will credit the tuition accounts for those families who have been approved to receive aid for that school year.

Important Note

Please visit to apply; application is available only online, in both English and Spanish.

Tuition Assistance 2017-18 English.pdfTuition Assistance 2017-18 Spanish.pdf 

Deadline for families with only diocesan elementary students (Gr. K through 8) is March 17, 2017 . Deadline for families with both  diocesan high school and elementary students is January 23, 2017 .