Virginia Title I Bypass Program

What is Title I?

The Title I Bypass Program in Virginia provides eligible students attending private schools with a supplemental instructional program of essential knowledge and skills in a small group setting. The small groups meet three times per week for 45 minutes per session outside the classroom. It is an excellent opportunity for qualified students to receive more individualized reading and writing instruction.

In Virginia, the Title I Bypass programs are administered by NonPublic Educational Services, Inc., known as NESI.

Who is eligible for Title I services?

The eligibility criteria to receive Title I services apply to all Virginia students, whether they are enrolled in public or private schools. If a student attends a private school, lives within the attendance area of a Title I public school and meets the specified educational criteria, the qualifying student in the private school may receive assistance in the form of Title I services.

Who teaches Title I?

Nora Brent is the Title I Literacy Teacher here at Saint James Catholic School. She works part-time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Prior to teaching for NESI, she worked for Fairfax County Public Schools for 7 years as a Reading Recovery Teacher and classroom teacher at Bailey’s Elementary School for the Arts & Sciences. She holds a Masters degree in Elementary Education from Marymount University.