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Week of 5/25: Last Spanish class of the year!
-Have your Spanish folder with you for this class/video.  We will be reviewing everything we have learned this year. :) 
-Video Lesson (Book read with permission from Arte Público Press.  Thank you!)

¡Feliz verano!  (Happy Summer!) :) 

Week of 5/18: La comida (food)
-Video Lesson
-Worksheet: side 1 & side 2

Week of 5/11: La familia
-Video Lesson
-Worksheet: side 1 & side 2: write Spanish words
-Song links: Rockalingua: La familia
                    Tiburón bebé

Week of 5/4: La ropa & optional Cinco de mayo activities
-Video Lesson
-Worksheet: write English & Spanish words & color

These are some fun things to do for Cinco de mayo (optional)
-Read-aloud video of a book about the holiday
-Silly Song to get up and moving! :)
-Another fun song about making guacamole (complete with recipe!)
-Activity to make your own maracas

Week of 4/27: El cuerpo #2 (la cara)
-Video Lesson
-Worksheet page 1 & page 2: If you are unable to print them, students may do the work on a piece of paper to put into their Spanish folder.
-Please email me a picture of the pages when they are complete.  Gracias. :) 

Week of 4/20: El cuerpo
-Video Lesson
-Worksheet page 1 & page 2: If you are unable to print it, students may write the words on a piece of paper to put into their Spanish folder, & draw simple pictures for each one (or write the English word).

Week of 4/6 (Semana Santa: Holy Week): This week, I would like for you to practice your prayers in Spanish, as we get ready for Good Friday and Easter.  I have posted a couple of videos to help you with that.  I even recorded a decade of the rosary in Spanish, if you're feeling ambitious.  Use whichever ones you like.  (Padre Nuestro = Our Father;  Ave María = Hail Mary;  Gloria = Glory Be)   And don't forget to email me the worksheets from the past couple of weeks, if you haven't already.  ¡Gracias! :) 

Padre Nuestro together (video)
Padre Nuestro with text
Ave María together (video)
Ave María with text
Gloria together (video)
Gloria with text
Decade of the Rosary (video)

Week of 3/30: La fecha (The Date) practice
-Worksheet page 1 & page 2: If you can, please print this out before watching the video lesson; we will do it together in "class."  If you are unable to print it, students may write the words on a piece of paper to put in their Spanish folder.
-Screen-share video lesson

Week of 3/23: If you would like to have a full class with prayer & review & everything, please watch the previous video (see below), then the one for this week.

This week's lesson is on the calendar & how to say the date in Spanish.  Please watch this video, then complete the worksheet in your folder called "Rain in April."  Parents, if you could check it over when they finish, they should go ahead and attach it into their Spanish folder.  You may do this at any point during the week.  If you have not finished the worksheet called "Los meses," please do that as well: copy the Spanish words on the front, then on the back, write the month that comes after the one shown.

Don't forget to keep practicing the days, months, seasons, & weather as much as you can in Spanish!  Maybe even try counting some and watching some of the song videos under Links to get up and moving. :) 

Please email me if you have any questions.

3/20 12:50 pm: I have created a review video that students can use to review Spanish with me, like we do in class.  Click here to access that.  

Also, I put up a couple of videos to get the kids up and moving in Spanish.  See at right, under Links.

Please email me if you have any questions, or if something is not working right.  God bless.

3/18 9:45 am: ¡Buenos días!  I will have something posted up here as soon as I can, so that you can review Spanish.

*** End of Trimester 2 ***

3/13: No Spanish class/homework today!  Keep practicing Spanish!  :) 

3/11: ¡No hay tarea!  (No homework!)  Gracias for filling my bucket! :) 

3/6: No written Spanish homework today!  Keep practicing days & weather!

3/4 (due Fri.): Los días de la semana (2 sides)

2/28: No written homework today (unless you didn't finish your book)!

2/26 (due Fri.): Finish the little seasons/weather book (complete sentences, & draw & color pictures for each season).

2/21: No written Spanish homework today.  Keep practicing weather & seasons in Spanish.

2/19: No written Spanish homework today, but keep practicing weather & seasons in Spanish.

2/14: No Spanish class/homework today!  ¡Feliz día de San Valentín! :) 

2/12 (due Fri.): Las estaciones del año (2 sides: write & color)

2/5: No written homework!  Practice talking about the weather in Spanish.

2/5 (due Fri.): Frases para describir el tiempo (2 sides: copy & write)

1/29: No written Spanish homework today!  Happy Catholic Schools Week! :) 
Keep practicing your Spanish numbers! :) 

1/24: No written Spanish homework today, but keep practicing Spanish numbers 0-50!

1/22 (due Fri.): Number Find (1 side)

1/17: No written Spanish homework today, but keep practicing counting in Spanish!

1/15 (due Fri.): Los números (21-50: 2 sides)

1/10: No written Spanish homework today, but practice counting in Spanish!

1/8 (due Fri.): Los números (2 sides: write Spanish number words on front; write numeral & Spanish number words on back)
-¡Feliz año nuevo, y feliz día de los reyes! :)

12/18: No written Spanish homework today!  Keep practicing Spanish at home, especially the letters, spelling, & pronunciation. :)  ¡Feliz navidad! :) 

12/13: No Spanish class/homework today, due to the Christmas pageants.  Keep practicing Spanish at home! :) 

12/11 (due Fri.): Color picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and/or St. Juan Diego.

12/6: No written homework today!  Keep practicing spelling things in Spanish!

12/4: Practice spelling your family members' names out loud with the Spanish alphabet!

*** End of Trimester 1 ***

11/20 (due Fri.): El alfabeto dot-to-dot (Say the Spanish alphabet as you connect the dots; then color the picture.)

11/15: No written homework!  Practice spelling things with Spanish letters. :) 

11/13 (due Fri.): El alfabeto (2 sides: copy the letters neatly, and say the letters and words as you do that)

11/8: No written Spanish homework today!  Practice the Spanish letters as much as you can.

11/6 (due Fri.): El abecedario (2 sides: write the letters in your best writing, and say the Spanish letters as you write them)

11/1: No written Spanish homework today!

10/30 (due Fri.): El día de los muertos picture: draw, color & label

10/23: Read the little book to someone at home, & keep it at home to practice.  (You may copy the words & color the pictures if you like.)  Share what you learned about adjectives & nouns in Spanish! 

10/18: No written homework today!  Practice Spanish colors at home!

10/16: No written homework today!  Practice Spanish colors at home!

10/11: No Spanish class/homework today! (half day and all-school Mass)

10/9 (due Fri.): Complete picture by reading & following directions.  (Draw lines first with pencil, make sure you can see the picture, then add colors.)

10/4: No Spanish homework today!

10/2 (due Fri.): Colors/Los colores (2 sides: write & color: follow all directions)

9/27: No Spanish homework today!

9/25 (due Fri.): Complete WS: Los colores (2 sides: write & color)

9/20: No Spanish homework today!

9/18 (due Fri.): Complete WS: What's Your Name? (2 sides)

9/13: No Spanish homework today!

9/11 (due Fri.): Greetings/Saludos (copy the Spanish words/sentences)

9/6: No Spanish homework today!

9/4: No Spanish homework today!

8/28: ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!


A couple links to songs to get you up and moving in Spanish:
Arriba, abajo, izquierda, derecha
La yenka: This one may be new, but give it a try!
Tiburón bebé

Alphabet Power Point  (Make it a Slide Show, then press the letters to hear how you say them in Spanish.)

Alphabet Song