School Counseling Services

**School Counseling Services during School Closing**

During these unprecedented times that our country and the world are confronting, it is normal and expected to feel levels of stress and anxiety at any age. Children might show their stress by acting out, showing anger, frustration or defiance. Our school counseling services are still available to the whole St. James School community: students, parents, teachers and staff.  I will be checking my email regularly and responding to the best of my abiity, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The content of these emails is confidential unless someone is in physical danger.

I will also be posting relevant resources regarding social-emotional academic concerns in light of th COVID 19 pandemic. You are not alone.  We are here to support you during these challenging times.  I pray that all members of the St. James community and their families remain safe and helathy.

God bless you!

Elsa Figueroa

RESOURCES FOR PARENTS:                                                                                                          

Talking to kids about the Coronavirus                                                                                                                            

How to talk to your anxious child or teen                                                                                   

National Association of School Psychologists - COVID 19 PARENT GUIDE                    

Taking care of Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

Tips for anger management for kids and adults                                                                                                                                                 

RESOURCES FOR KIDS (Please view with your child.)

The Yucky Bug

Coronavirus information for Kids

Progressive Relaxation for Kids


Brain Pop: Conflict Resolution

Brain Pop: Getting Help

The Power of YET - Growth Mindset


VA Career View

 Mission Statement:

Saint James' school counseling services are centered on the commitment to assist the students with their academic, social-emotional, spiritual and vocational needs, focusing on the students' specific strengths and abilities. These four domains encompass our view of the whole child. We recognize each student as an individual with unique gifts and talents, and will assist the student in focusing on those attributes rather than his/her limitations.  Services are available for all students, not just those with identified academic or emotional needs.

School Counseling Goal:

The school Counselor’s goal is to support, facilitate and provide the student the necessary tools to achieve his/her full potential and be successful in school.  This is possible when parents, school, and students, work together as a team towards the achievement of this goal.

Intellectual, social, physical and emotional issues are addressed.  Academic responsibility is taught, encouraged and reinforced.  The counselor assists the student to become more aware of alternatives to his/her situation, and supports the development of more effective problem solving and decision making skills. 

School counseling is voluntary and confidential.  Referrals can be made by the student, parents, teachers, administrators or other appropriate school staff. 

**The Diocese of Arlington Catholic Schools Counselors Handbook stipulates the following:  “At the elementary level, it is advisable to seek parental permission to continue counseling sessions beyond two to three sessions on the same topic.” Page 24                                  

Parents, if you do not wish your child to meet with the school counselor without your permission, please notify the School Counselor, Elsa I. Figueroa in writing via email.

How can the school counselor help your child?

Individual Counseling: 
Sessions will focus on student’s specific needs, strengths, and development of coping skills. Students may request to see the counselor.  Referrals can also may come from parents, teachers, administrators, and staff.  

Group Counseling:

  • Classroom Life Skills Lessons: The counselor will visit the classrooms and teach lessons relevant to the groups’ age and specific needs. Some of the topics are: growth mindset, bullying, friendship/peer relations, character education, conflict resolution, stress management, problem solving, etc. 
  • Small Group Counseling: The counselor organizes groups that focus on learning a specific skill, or coping with a specific situation. These groups require previous parental consent. 
  • Mediation: The counselor serves as facilitator in the process of conflict resolution within a group of students, when their efforts to resolve the conflict independently have not been successful.
  • Career:  Classroom lessons for grades K-8 on important skills necessary to be successful in the workforce.  School wide Annual Career Day event in the spring.

The school counselor consults regularly with teachers and is available to the parents via email, phone, or by appointment. The counselor also consults with other professionals (with parental permission) and community resources in order to provide parents with referrals and information to ensure the success of each child. 


School Counselor's Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Contact: Elsa I. Figueroa       




Ms. Elsa I. Figueroa, M.Ed.

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